i’m freakin’ out man

OK, I am seriously freaking out. This weather is driving me crazy, if it would just warm up a few degrees at night I could start moving things outside which would free up room under my grow lights for some more seedlings. And since I am about three weeks behind in my seeding schedule, I could really use some warmer night time temps here. I know that last year was an anomaly and I wasn’t expecting that again but I was really counting on at least having average temps. But then I suppose that’s why the call them average, you have to take the highs with the lows. I have snapdragons that are getting too tall and I just pinched them back. I guess that’s not such a bad thing I will have more flowers but they will be shorter. I do really love my tall snapdragons but I have learned that being a farmer is a lot about being happy with what you are given and adapting to circumstances beyond your control. Ugh. Really? I don’t like that there are things beyond my control. I really need a greenhouse in a bad way. At least I have this studio move to keep me busy, keep me from stewing in anxiety all day long.

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