reconsidering my plan

So remember that seeding plan that I worked so hard on, it took me weeks to complete. It’s not really going to work out…. I did take quite a few liberties with the weather in order to accommodate my desired flowering schedule. The biggest gamble was that I had planned on the soil being workable by mid March, I could have even handled late March. That clearly is not going to happen.


Why is this relevant right now? Because this week my schedule had me starting an entire bed of snaps and stock to be field planted. It’s not so much the cold in March that I worry about. These guys actually like it a little cold and I have frost blankets for just in case situations. It’s the fact that there is still three feet of snow on the field with more coming and no signs of a warm up to melt any of it. Even if it does start to melt by the end of the month it is going to be a while before the sun gets to the soil to warm up that muddy mess that will be waiting for me. For now I will continue with the seeding schedule for anything that goes in the hoop house (calendula, dusty miller, and nasturtiums this week.) Anything scheduled to go outside I am going to reconsider. As of right now I will put off those snaps and stock for two weeks, surely by the middle of April I should be able to get in the ground.

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