calm down

Alright, things are not so bad as they seemed a week and a half ago. Lat week I was very busy catching up on my planting. And I am happy to say that I am mostly caught up, which is a huge relief. I spent an entire day in the basement seeding about 80% of what I had to skip during most of March. I was able to begin hardening plants last week and that cleared the way for lots of new stuff to go under the lights. I might still have to bring it all in at night but that is better than waiting. So far germination has been good, which is really putting me at ease, I just have to remember to keep them watered.


I also spent a glorious day at the farm last week. I was planting my anemones and ranunculus into crates, they were starting to look a little sad all cramped up in those plug trays. There is not enough room for this in my yard so that means it’s officially farm time again and I could not be happier about that. I have had to bring them into the barn for a couple of nights but hopefully after Wednesday they can stay out for good.